Hello! I am an undergraduate senior at Elon University exploring the health and wellness of prison inmates across the country.  This blog is meant to bring awareness, provoke thought, engage the public, and overall be something most people don’t read everyday.  I will be posting new blogs throughout the fall semester about various components involving health.  This could be anything from healthcare, to disease prevention, to sanitation regulations. I will try to shed light on a variety of different aspects of life as a prisoner relating directly to health and wellness, giving an overall encompassing glimpse into life as a prisoner.  I encourage anyone reading to leave a comment or question on any post you find compelling!  Continue reading for some more details on my future blog posts.

Mental and physical health are huge components in leading a productive and happy life, right? Well…what if you’re in prison? Do you deserve to have the same luxuries afforded to you? Are prisoners allowed access to any and all health related resources? Each post will seek to explore new ways to reflect on the answers to these questions. I will incorporate some facts, statistics, links to pictures/videos, and anything else that I feel will add some texture. Prisoners are often overlooked as substantial members of society because of the crimes they have committed.  My goal for this blog is to see inmates get treated in a way that the majority of people do not- like human beings.

As a public health minor, I am often thinking of health and wellness in terms of the general population.  I found this to be a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and jump into a world where I have no personal experience (other than Prison Break, of course).  With that being said, I plan to take the perspective of outsider looking in while creating the content for most of these blog posts, however I may find myself attempting to put myself in the inmates shoes to add transparency and depth.

I hope you enjoy the blog and maybe even learn some new things along the way. If anyone has a particular topic of interest, leave a comment or send me a message in the contact section of this page, and I’ll see what I can do! Thanks for tagging along with me on this journey, happy reading!